Configuring two Communal Storages in Vertica Eon Mode

aoropezaaoropeza Vertica Customer

I have a database named DBTest in Eon Mode that was assigned the bucket s3://bucket01 (instance 01 of MinIO) at the time of its creation. However, we want to create another communal storage that points to the bucket s3://bucket02 (instance 02 of MinIO). This is because the information from each MinIO instance belongs to different departments, and we do not want to "mix" the information.

Then create a policy to specify that all information from the "test" schema should go to the bucket s3://bucket02.

Is it possible to accomplish this?

location_path | s3://bucket01/
location_usage | DATA
sharing_type | COMMUNAL


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  • SruthiASruthiA Vertica Employee Administrator
    Answer ✓

    we dont support multiple communal storage locations for single eon cluster.


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