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Will Vertica Community Edition work on Fedora 6.0 Desktop?

Fedora is not listed as supported, only RHEL. Will Vertica work on Fedora Desktop?


  • Hi Katherine, thanks for your question! We will look into this.
  • Hi Katherine I tried install Vertica in SUSE Enterprise Desktop but I couldn´t make it work, then I installed it on SUSE Enterprise Server 11 with no issues, you can give a shot but I believe you will have some issues with sync/spread modules. Kind Regards Angel
  • I would like to use Fedora Live Desktop (v 18). This will be a single node install for me to play with.
  • Vertica does support Fedora 11 for non-production use. Fedora 11 is, admittedly, rather old... Feel free to download the package onto a newer system and give it a shot.
  • I am using Fedora 18 Live Desktop (not Fedora 11). Thanks.
  • Katherine, were you successful in installing Vertica on Fedora 18?
  • I was waiting for confirmation but I will give it a try. Spent the last few days getting the system set up and working through pre-install requirements. I will post once I have tried the install.
  • Unable to download from site?

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