is expired license for vertica-5.0.4-0.i386.RHEL5.rpm

how to renew expired license? no license for the current linux 32bit version? *** Creating database: VMartDB *** OK [vertica][(5, 0, 4)][000][i386] Creating database VMartDB Node Status: v_vmartdb_node0001: (DOWN) Node Status: v_vmartdb_node0001: (DOWN) Node Status: v_vmartdb_node0001: (INITIALIZING) Node Status: v_vmartdb_node0001: (VALIDATING LICENSE) Node Status: v_vmartdb_node0001: (VALIDATING LICENSE) ERROR: Database VMartDB reports (INVALID LICENSE) ERROR: Database requires valid license file! ERROR: New Vertica license is expired HINT: Visit ERROR: Database did not start cleanly on initiator node! Stopping all nodes Issuing shutdown command to database Press RETURN to continue


  • Hi Arley, if you had previously purchased a license file, just get in touch with the sales representative who got you your previous license in order to get a new one. If you no longer have a contact, let us know and we can put you in touch. Regarding 32-bit Vertica, though -- I don't know whether or not it's possible or not to obtain a new license for it. You'd have to ask your sales rep. It was deprecated a long time ago; it stopped being available to new customers about a year ago. We would strongly encourage you to update to the 64-bit version; this will allow Vertica to use more than around 3gb RAM if you have it, and Vertica will make use of the additional address space for memory-mapped files as well.
  • BhawanaBhawana Employee, Registered User, VerticaExpert
    Hi Arley, Thank you for bringing up the licence renewal question. Could you please contact your account representative to renew the licence. Thank you, Bhawana

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