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compile smc

I successfully installed the components but when it comes to compiling the smc file, i had denied permission error.

Below is the error message:

All the Social Media Connector components have been successfully downloaded.

[dbadmin@localhost SMC_Installer]$ ./compile_smc
-bash: ./compile_smc: Permission denied


  • Make sure the permissions on compile_smc are correct. Try:
    chmod 755 compile_smc
    And then re-run
  • Hi Chris, encounter another problem with it. 

    Error message:

    Verifying flume.cfg file... Done
    Starting Flume compilation and setup.
    Messages will be stored in install.log.

    Starting Flume compilation and setup.
    Messages will be stored in install.log.

    Running make in Social-Media-Connector-master/third-party... Done
    Running make in Social-Media-Connector-master... src/TweetParser.cpp: In member function ‘virtual Vertica::UDParser* TweetParserFactory::prepare(Vertica::ServerInterface&, Vertica::PerColumnParamReader&, Vertica::PlanContext&, const Vertica::SizedColumnTypes&)’:
    src/TweetParser.cpp:241: error: ‘vt_createFuncObject’ was not declared in this scope
    src/TweetParser.cpp:241: error: expected primary-expression before ‘>’ token
    make: *** [build/TweetParser.o] Error 1

    Unable to compile TweetParser.

  • It is trying to compile against the Vertica SDK. Do you have the Vertica server installed on the same server? It is looking for the SDK in /opt/vertica/sdk

  • Yes, i can have the sdk file installed on same server. What might be other possible reason for this error? Thanks Chris! ;)

  • What version of Vertica are you running?
  • 6.1.3

  • You want to use the Social Media Connector for the 6.1.x branch in GitHub. The master branch for SocialMediaConnector is for Vertica 7.

    You can try just replacing your tweetparser.cpp with this one:

    Then trying to recompile.
  • Is it advisable to upgrade my vertica to 7.0?
  • It is pretty quick and painless to upgrade if you only have a single node.
  • I am using 3 nodes in one cluster.

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