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Backup Object Vertica 7.1.2


It's possible Vertica restoring and replicating objects to another database in version 7.1.2-0?

When i try restore the table, error occurs:

**restore failed!
Retrying... #2
[==================================================] 100%
All child processes terminated successfully.
SQL command select load_snapshot_prep('backup_dimen_referencia', true); failed:
ERROR 4757: SnapshotMemento does not match. Oid conflicts are possible
HINT: Try restoring a cluster wide backup together

restore failed!**

obs: I installed the same version on both servers.



  • AfeAfe Employee

    Hi @andre_silva ,

    The replication feature was added in 7.2.2 so you will need to upgrade to a newer release to take advantage of the feature

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