Failure in building EON mode database

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Hello team,
Currently customer managed to install vertica, but he is facing some issues in building EON mode database as belows:
(He deployed vertica on Ali Cloud server with IP
(note:OS: centos6.9, Vertica Community Edition 10.0))

[[email protected] ~]$ admintools -t list_host
[[email protected] ~]$ admintools -t create_db -x auth_params.conf -s '' -d VMart -p 123 --depot-path=/home/dbadmin/depot --shard-count=2 --communal-storage-location=oss://xxxxx-bucket -D /home/dbadmin/data/ -c /home/dbadmin/catalog/ --depot-size 10G
Database with 1 or 2 nodes cannot be k-safe and it may lose data if it crashes
Distributing changes to cluster.
Creating database VMart
Bootstrap on host code -6 stdout '' stderr ''
Error: Bootstrap on host return code -6 stdout '' stderr ''

Please kindly check and assist.
Thanks in advance.

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  • Ting_caiTing_cai Employee

    Customer has fixed the issue, thank you. But he is facing another new issue, I'll set up a new discussion.

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