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No suitable driver found for jdbc:vertica

edited September 2021 in General Discussion

Using the following in a makefile to create a .jar on one of EON nodes, while /opt/vertica/java/vertica-jdbc.jar does exist, I still got
error code: 123
No suitable driver found for jdbc:vertica

$(BUILD_DIR)/JavaTransformLib.jar : src/main/java/tech/xxxx/.java $(JAVA_BUILDINFO) $(BUILD_DIR)/.exists
-rm -rf $(BUILD_DIR)/JavaTransformLib
mkdir $(BUILD_DIR)/JavaTransformLib
$(JAVAC) -g -cp $(SDK_JAR)/bin/VerticaSDK.jar $(JAVA_BUILDINFO) -d $(BUILD_DIR)/JavaTransformLib
cd src/main/java; $(JAVAC) -g -cp $(SDK_JAR)/java/vertica-jdbc.jar:$(SDK_JAR)/bin/VerticaSDK.jar tech/xxxx/
.java -d $(BUILD_DIR)/JavaTransformLib
cd $(BUILD_DIR)/JavaTransformLib; $(JAR) cf $(BUILD_DIR)/JavaTransformLib.jar .

We are running EON 10.1.1-6
Any idea why? Thanks


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