I just created a new vertica database and have not used database designer. By default what's the k-safety. And, with K-safety 1 how many copies are stored? I am assuming 2.


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    if you have 3 nodes by default is k-safe=1 and it will have 2 copy of the data. in the system table, select * from system;, there is a colum named desing fault tolerance and that indicate the k-safe that your database is. Hope this helps, Eugenia
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    Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
    If you have a 3nodes database cluster, which is the minimum required for K safety, then the K-safety value by defualt is 1. You can use increase your k safety to 2. If k safety 1 = 2 copies of each projection k safety 2 = 3 copies of each projection

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