Moving Vertica to a fusion io card

Hello After strugling with poor Vertica performance our comapny has decided to upgrade the drives that Vertica resides on. We have installed fussion io cards that have about 500MB/s read and 200MB/s write. So the question is how do we move Vertica from the old drives to the new ones? Does it require uninstall and reinstall? Or can we just point Vertica to the new drives and make the data files live there? Thanks in advance.


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    Thank you
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    Hi Alex - do you have a good understanding of the root cause of the performance issue? High i/o often means there are projection design or data model issues. Or you could just have complex queries that spill to disk. Fusion io will help performance, but worth making sure that there aren't design issues. --Sharon
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    Hi Sharon
    Our Vertica set up has many problems. First problem is the the lack of ram. We have a four node cluster and each box has 32GB of ram. We get spill over all the time. Second problem is when we ran vioprobe on our boxes the IO was under 100. So the plan was to go to fusion io but we finally decided to spend some money and buy some new boxes with ample ram and drive speed.


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