Where are the Vertica 7.0.x ADO.NET drivers?


Today I tried to download the Vertica ADO.NET 7.0.1 drivers and could not find them. Where can I download these and why they have been removed from the downloads area.



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    The current version for 7.0 is 7.0.2 , one hot-fix version above 7.0.1 . It should work seamlessly instead of 7.0.1 . Individual drivers are no longer available as per website , so you need to download the microsoft connectivity pack either 64-bit or 32-bit depending on your client machine architecture 
    The older version was probably removed so that users would download and use only the latest hotfix.

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    Thanks for the reply. This is exactly where I was looking into but the only thing that I could download from that page was a file called vertica-client-7.0.2-1.64.exe which is only the ODBC/JDBC and VSQL. I noticed that the page that you refer to always redirects me to https://my.vertica.com/download-community-edition/ and I suppose that this is the problem. Now, if the ADO.NET drivers are available for the enterprise edition only, then I cannot use ADO.NET with Vertica community edition any more. Is this intentional? That would be a big set-back for people like me who are experimenting with Vertica.

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    I also tried searching for "vertica ado 7.0 64". The results look promising but when I follow the relevant link and agree to the license agreement it takes me to a page with "HP Vertica Download Confirmation" and "Extra Profile Information" sections and clicking on the "Update profile/Proceed to Download" button does nothing...
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    Hi Val,

    If you scroll down on the CE downloads page, you should find a link to "HP Vertica Connectivity Pack for Windows" (both 32- and 64-bit versions).  Is this what you're looking for?

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    Ah, got it - thanks!
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    i dont see it under CE downloads

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