Migrating From Sql To Vertica.

HI Experts,


    we are migrating from Sql 2012 to vertica7. I have the following question, any help is really appreciated.


1. We have converted the sql stored procedure to shell scripts that are running fine. Now How can i call these from my UI code ( i am using ADO.net), I know i can execute single or multiline queries on vertica DB. But i do not want to write these big queries in the UI code.Is there a better approach where can i call the queries already written in the shell script and get a data set out of it. It should look like below :



  VerticaCommand cmd = Vcon.CreateCommand();

  cmd.CommandText =  " Read query from shell script / or a external file , do not hard code here" ;


Basically i am lookign to call a stored procedure from my UI Code.



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      did anyone get a chance to look at this question; please share some ideas..


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