Strange icon at Management Console

Hi :)


I installed management console on my Vertica environment.
For several month every thing was ok, but since yesterday I have strange icon near one of my nodes and 4 nodes entered to critical mode (we are in k-safety 1) ... attached pic


does anyone know what does it means ?


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    Hi ChenSha, 


    That means that the MC believes that the agent running on that node is down, which may impact some some communication between the MC and that node. If this is caused by something like a network issue, where the agent is actually up but the MC wasn't able to ping it, then communication will often get re-established the next time the MC tries to ping the agent on that node. 


    You can verify whether the agent is running by going to https://<node-hostname>:5444 . If you get any response back, then the agent is up.

    On the node itself, you can check if the simply_fast.py process is running.

    To restart the agent, you can do '/etc/init.d/vertica_agent restart' on the node in question. 



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