Copy comand delimiter issue



I am having issues loading the file with delimiter as Thorn (þ). For some reason my command is not recognizing the delimiter. If I replace the delimiter with Comma (,) it works. These are huge files that we need to process daily. Will truly appreciate any help J.


In the copy command I am using delimiter as - DELIMITER E'\336'





  • When I tried  writing a copy command with " DELIMITER E'\þ' " and execute it I got below error.

    DELIMITER E'\^A enclosed by '\"' skip 1 ESCAPE AS '\`' null as '' ;"
    ERROR 5310: Unterminated quoted identifier at or near ""' skip 1 ESCAPE AS '`' null as '' ;" at character 234
    LINE 1: ...van/thron/ip_load.rej' DELIMITER E'\ enclosed by '"' skip 1 ...


    The Thron is not taken by shell as it is.



    when I changed my delimiter clause as " DELIMITER E'\xFE'"

    The data has been processed successfully.

  • Hi!


    By docs:




    Indicates the single ASCII character used to separate columns within each record of a file. The default in HP Vertica is a vertical bar (|). You can use any ASCII value in the range E'\000' to E'\177', inclusive. You cannot use the same character for both the DELIMITER and NULL parameters. For more information, see Loading UTF-8 Format Data in the Administrator's Guide.



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