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Error message detailed description on what happens and what to do...



Find out that lots of error codes not described in docs

I need some description on why that errorc occurs, can anybody give some explanation?


Error list below,

select * from error_messages


I have co-located vertica sql on hadoop cluster, and use hdfs to store projections as Storage Locations.


error_level    error_code    message
ERROR    100663808    Received no response from v_mysecondtry_node0003 in get node cell counts
ERROR    16777318    Receive on v_mysecondtry_node0001: Message receipt from v_mysecondtry_node0002 failed [canceled]
ERROR    67371461    Node failure during execution
ERROR    67371461    Execution canceled by operator
ERROR    33557030    Error finalizing ROS DataTarget
ERROR    67137668    Found eligible 1 processes to invite, but no matching nodes in catalog
ERROR    16777318    Receive on v_mysecondtry_node0001: Message receipt from v_mysecondtry_node0003 failed [canceled]
PANIC    16779814    Unable to close sequence file [/home/dbadmin/vertica/catalog/mySecondTry/v_mysecondtry_node0003_catalog/Catalog/]: Success
ERROR    16777318    Receive on v_mysecondtry_node0002: Message receipt from v_mysecondtry_node0003 failed [canceled]
ERROR    16777318    Send: Connection not open [v_mysecondtry_node0003 tag:1000 plan 49539595903086340]
ERROR    16777318    Send: Connection not open [v_mysecondtry_node0003 tag:1001 plan 49539595903086340]
ERROR    16777318    Receive on v_mysecondtry_node0002: open failed for node v_mysecondtry_node0001 (Consult log for error information) --- has query been cancelled?
ERROR    16777318    Receive on v_mysecondtry_node0002: Message receipt from v_mysecondtry_node0001 failed [canceled]
ERROR    16777318    Send: Connection not open [v_mysecondtry_node0003 tag:1000 plan 49539595903081500]
ERROR    786949    DataTarget: error writing data file to webhdfs://
ERROR    786949    DataTarget: error writing data file to webhdfs://




  • SruthiASruthiA Vertica Employee Employee



           Please open a support case. We will be happy to help you



  • I'm not enterprise customer.

    All this errors i've got on community edition, 7.2, three nodes cluster, cpu 5,4,4, ram 10,8,8, hdd, 120,100,100, centos os (first node = name+data node).


    With conditions above, can i post to hpe support?

    If yes, provide a link where i can register and create ticket (last month your portals and web insrasructure changes quickly)

  • I get the same error repeatedly in the logs during our ETL process, and the process fails randomly.  There is no explanation.  The error number 16777318 cannot be found anywhere in the Vertica error codes.  Why does the database produce error codes that are not documented anywhere?

  • SruthiASruthiA Vertica Employee Employee



        Unfortunately, with these conditions, you cannot open support ticket. Only Enterprise customers can open a ticket. I would say error messages indicate connection issues among nodes. 




  • SruthiA, thanx for you answereing, but it is not good.

    You say - "Hey, yes, we have errors with strange error codes without explanation, and this is normal situation, if you want we to tell you description - buy vertica".


    Not normal, imho.

  • Hi

    Vertica is using WebHDFS (HTTP REST API supports the complete FileSystem interface for HDFS) for accessing its  ROS files that exists on HDFS . I will advice to start trabelshoting your  WebHDFS channel , you can see some examples her :





    I hope you will find it helpful



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