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vbr[7.2]: Exclude Table from Backup

Hi All,

Usually when my backup job runs, it backs-up the whole cluster. this behaviour is great for regular DB backup.


Last week, I've de-archived old data and restored it to a seperate table. now I have mySchema.production_table and mySchema.de_archived_table(which is identical in structure to production_table).


When I try to create a vbr backup configuration, I can list the objects to include in the backup, but not the objects to exclude.


How can I exclude mySchema.de_archived_table table from the backup task?


  • Move the table to a new schema, e.g. dont_backup_schema.de_archived_table, and list in the backup configuration only the schemas to backup( e.g. mySchema and public, am I missing any other schema?)
  • Can the object list take a regex where I can catch only objects that NOT meet some criteria?

Any other ideas?


Thanks in advance,



  • SruthiASruthiA Vertica Employee Employee



          First option is the best choice. You can create a new schema and move that specific table to that schema. While specifying objects , list the schema names alone. You can get list of schema names in your database by issuing the following query


    select * from schemata;




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