Erro on pool general

[53000] ERROR: Insufficient resources to execute plan on pool general [Request Too Large:Memory(KB) Exceeded: Requested = 4643949, Free = 296658 (Limit = 1373782, Used = 1077124)]


The message is clear, but how can I fix without having to change the hardware?

I need help...!


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    What kind of operation did you execute?


    first you should try to optimize your query

    2nd you could try to spill on disk if it possible for you operation

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    I increased the server swap and worked.

    Thanks a lot for the help...

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    Hi Filipe

    What is steps for checking error in pool. Can you share the information please ? From above information i did not find any. If you could give me the statement that need to be fire on database then it will be great help.

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    I am using ubuntu server 14.04LTS system as the database server, which did was increase from 2GB to 6GB the server SWAP memory.

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