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In Vertica is there a command similar to the "sudo" command in linux.


So I login as my regular account which has restricted permissions.


but suppose I need to do something which requires higher permissions, at that point of time It upgrades me to admin (just like sudo) temporarily.


this will prevent me from loggin in using super admin accounts which are always admin.


I remember sometime back somone showed me how to temprarily become an admin but executing this command. but I don't remember what it was


Very similar to sudo concept of unix.


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      I think you are referring of UDP's, where they are crreated with dbadmin role and can be granted to normal user for execution. 

     This is a risk ! 


     I don`t think you can impersonate dbadmin from inside a session unless you use username and password. 


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    I figured out the answer 


    set role pseudosuperuser;


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