Memory in management console in Activity -> Query Montioring



I am monioring queries using MC in Activity -> Query Montioring.

I am confused when i look at Memory (MB) column of it.

It shows much more than what i can seee in the system tables like RESOURCE_ACQUISITIONS (MEMORY_INUSE_KB).

Is there any diffrence in both of them?


Can somebody clear the picture for me?

What is the correct way/system table/query to get the memory acquired by a query and memory used by a quey?




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    Hi Abhi112, 


    MC uses vs_resource_acquisitions.in_memory_use_kb to get the average memory use for a running query across the nodes. This should be the same as what you see in resource_acquisitions, if you sum all the memory values where request_type != 'Acquire', and then average that value over the nodes. 


    Just in case, what version of MC and Vertica are you using? 




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    Hi Chris,


    Thanks for the response.


    Both are  v7.1.2.


    As per my understanding  (pardon me i if i am wrong, i am new to this) there is a diffrence between memory aquired by a memory and memory used by a query. Just wanted to understand how can i speciafically measure that?

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    Hi Abhi112, 


    You are right in that there is a difference. This is partially discussed in https://community.dev.hpe.com/t5/Vertica-Forum/Memory-used-by-a-Query/m-p/237117 ; does that address what you're asking about?



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    Hi Chris,


    Thanks a lot!

    I am clear on this now.



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