Why vsql export to csv no double-quote option?

for csv format, we have RFC 4180.

so double-quote option is provide by mostly database.

Why vertica don`t have that?


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    emorenoemoreno Employee

    Probably because nobody else has asked for it. I looked our internal feature request system and I don't see one. I will create one request and hopefully you will see it in the near future.
    If there are other customers that are interested in this feature please add your interest here, the more people that ask the higher the priority that it gets when scheduling engineers time.

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    Any update on this ? I am missing this feature.

    It seems inconsistent that vertica doesn't have any reliable export to csv.

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    I agree and not just export to CSV, it has no additional features like for example, adding an escape character to the delimiter character if it exists in the data.

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    actually, this thread helps:


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