Unsupported OS with vertica on AWS AMI 2017.09

I'm installing vertica on AWS AMI 2017.09 (ami-acd005d5 in eu-west-1), which should be supported as per post https://forum.vertica.com/discussion/239145/vertica-9-0-0-1-supports-amazon-linux-2017-09 .

However the verticad service fails to start due to unsupported OS error =>

root# service verticad status
Unsupported OS

Installed vertica rpm version =>

root# rpm -qa | grep verti

System version =>

root# cat /etc/system-release
Amazon Linux AMI release 2017.09

Any hint what might be wrong?

thanks a lot,


  • Slavek, please contact support. See https://my.vertica.com/resources/customer-support/. They may understand what your problem is. Good luck! Sarah

  • hi,
    at the moment I have no access to support. I have tested newer community vertica 9.0.1-0 version. But it is failing too. Looking at the verticad init script it seems that it does not detect correctly the supported OS.

    At the moment I use following workaround =>
    ln -s /etc/system-release /etc/redhat-release

    Is this a bug or the community edition is not supported with AWS AMIs?

    thanks for advice,

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