Wide Tables With vertica

Hi Team,
I need a suggestion/Approach on performing a Load/Copy operation in a Wide tables.

I have a wide table with 1200 columns and few columns around 20 with 500 length.Each day it has to load with 1 billion data.Please let m e know which would be good in terms of performance.


I will load in the wide table with COPY and do the Order by/Segmentation based on User queries.This will not do any re-segmentation/Broadcast over network.Will this be give any impact when do the COPY because it has to maintain 1200 columns in each copy and have to be in Catalog.

Approach 2

i will divide the wide table into 4 tables with 300 columns and will join all the tables when user queries.But the performance impact will come here when do the joining on 4 tables.It may have re-segmentation/Broadcast and if a user misses any segmentation clause it again

Can you tell which will give good performance with less CPU/IO impact.


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