Two Versions on the same server.

Hello, i'm new in forum and beginner user in hp vertica, i would like to know if it's possible install two versions of vertica in a same server, for example: I have vertica 7.1 on the server and i would like to install vertica 7.2 too on the same server, it's possible?



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    s_crossmans_crossman Vertica Employee Employee

    Hi Andre,

    Welcome. Regarding your question, the short answer is no, you aren't able to run multiple Vertica servers, regardless of version, on the same host (see note at end for an exception). By default Vertica assumes that it is the only major app on the host and all disk and memory and cpu is at it's disposal. Vertica's resource pool memory management relies on that assumption. Also, Vertica uses port 5433 as it's default communications port and that port number is not currently configurable. So two Vertica servers on the same host would suffer port collisions as well.

    Note: An exception is if you run Vertica inside a VM (virtual machine). A VM is a self contained environment that has predefined CPUs, memory, disk storage, and network card configuration. If you created multiple VMs that meet the base Vertica requirements you could run one instance of Vertica in each VM and the VMs could live harmoniously on the same physical host.

    We do this at Vertica for our test environments with single and multiple node clusters. We create VMs using VMWare client tools. We also distribute a Community Edition Vertica VM on myVertica.com that you can download and run in VMWare or VirtualBox players on Windows. If you had a beefy enough host you could run multiple of these VMs.

    I hope the info helps.

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    Ohh, thank you!!

    But if i update my vertica 7.1 with my 4 databases to vertica 7.2, the databases will running normally?

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    s_crossmans_crossman Vertica Employee Employee


    Yes. As long as you follow the steps outlined in the Installation Guide > Upgrading Vertica to a New Version you should be fine. Pay special attention to the recommendation about backing up your database (s). Typically no issues are encountered but if the data in the database(s) is critical it's best to have that insurance of being able to rebuild at the original release.

    According to the 8.0 Installation Guide 7.1 to 7.2 is a viable upgrade path, and 7.2 aligns you to be able to upgrade to 8.0, and so on. Each release's Installation Guide shows the valid upgrade paths to that release.


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    thanks for the clarification!

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