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Hey guys,
can you recommend me please a recommended Vertica database modeling tool? I'm using DBVisualizer, but I like to see your experience with that.
Thank you for your answers!


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    s_crossmans_crossman Vertica Employee Employee

    DBVisualizer is more of a SQL client for visualizing the schema and querying the tables. It doesn't have much for actual modeling capabilities. We don't make vendor specific recommendations for 3rd party tools because each customer's needs and constraints vary. We do however do some basic review and test of various tools of different types to determine how well they integrate with Vertica, and we generate content ranging from connection guides, best practices guides, and sometimes we will develop quickstart apps to demonstrate capabilities.

    I can tell you that we recently looked at Quest's Toad Data Modeler which added Vertica as one of the supported databases late last fall. We have not published any content for it yet. Being their first pass at supporting Vertica it has some limitations, mostly in the areas of reverse engineering certain Vertica design objects and change or SQL/DDL script generation. Whether it would suit your needs depends on what you want to do.

    More info on this product can be found at the quest.com site. Note that the Vertica support is new enough that it's not completely reflected in all of the documentation, so it's not listed in the supported database list but is available as a choice in the database type pulldowns.

    I hope it helps.

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    dpruteandprutean Community Edition User

    Have a look on DbSchema Vertica Designer. They are diagram-oriented. Also the generated HTML5 documentation is great. If you need to share the design with your working mates you can do this since the tool is saving all the work as project file, which can be shared ( GIT, etc. ). Also you can compare the model with other databases, generate diff scripts if needed, etc. There are a bunch of tools included, just have a look on their website. Read also about virtual foreign keys.

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    SankarmnSankarmn Community Edition User ✭✭

    I support Quest TOAD DM, its GUI is very easy to use as novice to experts can handle it.
    Good luck!

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