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Hi all,

Where can i get the Pulse Package to download.We have vertica 8.1 running in our cluster and want to use the vertica Pulse features.i did login http://vertica.com/marketplace but not able to get the Package.

Please help


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    The older Pulse distributions are available in my.vertica.com under each of the version download pages in the Analytics Extensions section. You need a my.vertica.com account to access these downloads. Without an account you can only get to the Vertica CE (community edition) and client drivers.

    In the 9.0.1 (SP1) release, the New Features, Deprecated and Retired Functionality section of the documentation lists the Pulse package is being deprecated. It is intended to be removed in the upcoming release.

    To prevent customers from building a dependency on the current sentiment analysis package, which could cause issues when upgrading to versions where it's no longer built or supported, we are recommending customers create their own user defined functions to integrate a sentiment analysis package of their choice. UDFs support several languages including Python, R, Java, and C++. A blog post regarding this topic is in the works but not available yet.

    I hope it helps,

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    When will be the blog post available?
    We are upgrading to Vertica 9.1 so we are worried about not having PULSE ..

    Thanks in advance!

  • s_crossmans_crossman Employee, Registered User, VerticaExpert, VerticaPartners, AskTools

    I checked with the internal team involved and the blog has not yet been completed. The recommendation remains the same regarding using Vertica's user defined functions to develop an integration with the sentimental analysis package of you choice. If you can provide some details on what functionality in Pulse you use and your use case, they may be able to add some examples to the in process blog.

  • SolracPSSTSolracPSST Registered User

    Of course, for example:

    select sentimentanalysis(comentario_comment using parameters language='spanish', granularity='D') over(partition by comentario_comment) from customer_experience.poll_0012;


    SELECT t.attribute, count() FROM(SELECT CommentAttributes(text)
    OVER(PARTITION BEST) FROM tweets) as t
    GROUP BY t.attribute ORDER BY count(
    ) DESC;

    Thanks in advance!

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