Vertica 8.x End of Life

victoryhlvictoryhl Registered User


Where can I find the product end of life information? May I know when will Vertica 8.x reach its end of life?


  • VertiguyVertiguy Administrator, Employee, Registered User, VerticaExpert, CABuser

    Current EOL Policy

    Vertica provides support for the current and previous minor versions of the current major version. Vertica will support the last minor version of a major version (for example, 6.2) for either 24 months from the date when a new major version (for example, 7.0) becomes generally available or, until the date when the next major version (for example, 8.0) becomes generally available, whichever occurs earlier.
    If Vertica discontinues a product and does not make another minor version commercially available as an update, Vertica will provide support for 24 months from the date of the product discontinuance notice. Vertica may discontinue specific support offerings no longer generally offered by Vertica upon 60 days’ notice.

    24 months from 9.0 GA(10/13/17) or more likely when 10.0 is released which is currently targeted for 4th quarter 2018.

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