Management Console hangs in Vertica CE VM


Most of the time Management Console hangs as soon as I open it. I need to reboot the VM to bring it back to use. I use below configuration -
Host Windows 10 64-bit 8 GB RAM
Vertica CE VM 9.0.1
VM is configured with 2 CPUs, 4 GB of RAM, and 50 GB HDD.

Is there a way to tune the performance?



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    s_crossmans_crossman Vertica Employee Employee

    We haven't seen this in our development or QA environments under VMWare or VirtualBox. Our dev machines are Windows 10 w/16GB memory, so a bit more memory than your 8GB (which should be sufficient unless you have a lot of apps running in Windows).

    The tuning available would be at the VM player side of things. Below are some questions and suggestions that may help diagnose the issue.

    Test: Open Task Manager in Windows and note the % memory used. Then start the CE VM, log into it, and then review task manager memory used again. Also review memory used by the VM Player. On my dev instance VirtualBox running the VM takes approx. 90MB memory when started and logged in. Now start Management Console (MC) and review task manager again. VM memory used shouldn't increase to much more than 100MB.
    Action: If the total memory in use on the system is under 60% you could adjust the memory size of the VM through the Settings dialog on the player (VM needs to be shut down to do this). So maybe boost it to 5 or 6GB, which still leaves you 2GB for your host OS, and retest MC.

    Test: With MC in it's hung state, see if you can access anything else in the VM or if the whole VM is hung. E.g. try to open a terminal window (right click on desktop), or some application under the Applications menu.
    Action: make note of whether you can do anything in the VM or if it is completely hung. As above, if hung check your host OS task maanger to see the status of memory.

    Additionally provide any details you can about exactly where in the MC startup process it hangs. E.g. does it hang at the login screen, after login but before the dash displays, when the dash displays, when you try to view the database, etc.


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    Hi Crossman,

    Thanks for the detail points.
    Under the VM Settings, I did increase the memory from 4 GB to 5 GB and CPU from 2 to 4. After that I am not facing any hang.
    BTW, my host memory shoots to > 90% as soon as I start the VM. It was the case before I change VM setting and remains same after above mentioned changes.
    Anyways, it works now. :smiley:


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    s_crossmans_crossman Vertica Employee Employee

    Glad you were able to resolve. The 90% of 8GB might equate to 50% on my 16GB. The key thing to look at is how much the VM player process is using as shown by task manager. The 100MB memory usage for the VM after login and MC start on my laptop is against a newly added VM where no changes or queries have been run. I'm sure the memory footprint would increase as various operations are done that require memory. The VM is set up to allocate up to 4GB, and it starts with minimal amount but as it needs more it gets more and doesn't give it back to the system.

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