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Configure data retention for the sources of the load_streams system table ..

Hi All -

I'm trying to ensure that the load_streams system table has 3 days' worth of data at all times.

I just tried:

, '3 days'::INTERVAL

Then, as this is the only 3-days' setting I ever did on this new database, I tried:

 , memory_buffer_size_kb
 , disk_size_kb 
from v_monitor.data_collector 
where interval_time='3 00:00:00.000000;

And got:

component               |interval_time    |memory_buffer_size_kb|disk_size_kb
Errors                  |3 00:00:00.000000|                1,000|      10,000
ExecutionEngineProfiles |3 00:00:00.000000|                2,000|      50,000
ExecutionEngineResources|3 00:00:00.000000|                2,000|      50,000
ProjectionsUsed         |3 00:00:00.000000|                2,000|     150,000
RequestsCompleted       |3 00:00:00.000000|                2,000|      50,000
RequestsIssued          |3 00:00:00.000000|                2,000|      50,000

Question now is: Do I need to modify memory_buffer_size_kb and/or disk_size_kb to make sure I get 3 days' worth of data, even if I get more data than those values state, or does the 3 day interval simply override everything?


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