Cannot allocate sufficient memory for COPY statement (536870912 requested, 268435456 permitted)

I'm getting this error while trying to run a copy table command to load a JSON. I also tried creating a resource pool with higher MAXQUERYMEMORYSIZE and MEMORYSIZE value but still getting the same error. How to ensure that the query was run on a specific memory pool?


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    SruthiASruthiA Vertica Employee Administrator

    Can you share more details about the resource pool where the query is running? What is MEMORY_CAP_KB, PLANNED CONCURRENCY, MAX CONCURRENCY set to for that pool? Is this the first time it is failing?

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    rajatpaliwal86rajatpaliwal86 Vertica Customer

    dbadmin=> select * from RESOURCE_POOLS where name = 'copy_pool';
    -[ RECORD 1 ]------------+------------------
    pool_id | 45035996275467216
    name | copy_pool
    is_internal | f
    memorysize | 24G
    maxmemorysize | 24G
    maxquerymemorysize | 24G
    executionparallelism | AUTO
    priority | 0
    runtimepriority | MEDIUM
    runtimeprioritythreshold | 2
    queuetimeout | 00:05
    plannedconcurrency | AUTO
    maxconcurrency | 5
    runtimecap |
    singleinitiator | f
    cpuaffinityset |
    cpuaffinitymode | ANY
    cascadeto |

    Is there any way to figure out in which pool the query was run?
    The JSON file(500 MB) has around 500k events.

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    SruthiASruthiA Vertica Employee Administrator

    Issue is COPY is unable to get sufficient resources. Set memory size and planned concurrency in such a way that COPY will get requested amount of memory
    Query budget is determined the following formula. Based on the above output your planned concurrency is AUTO.. if it is set to Auto,
    Vertica automatically sets PLANNEDCONCURRENCY at query runtime, choosing the lower of these two values:

    Number of cores

    Query budget = MEMORYSIZE / PLANNEDCONCURRENCY of the pool

    You can run the following query to find out in which pool it was run if you can capture the txn id and statement id from sessions table

    select * from dc_resource_acquisitions where transaction_id = <> and statement_id = <>;

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