Vertica 10 wire protocol - reference docs? Integration suggestions?

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Will there be reference documentation for the Vertica wire protocol that is new in Vertica 10? Any ideas/suggestions of what one can build based on that wire protocol?
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    twalltwall Vertica Employee Employee

    We don't plan on having full docs for the protocol just yet, but it is a goal for the future. Our first priority was to get the implementations out there so people can read them and get started. There's lots of different things you can do with knowledge of this protocol:

    • Native clients for more languages
    • Proxies and traffic management; Uber in their talk described how they use a protocol-aware proxy to understand & route queries
    • Security use cases, inspecting & supplementing Vertica's auth protocols, e.g. to do MFA
    • Network traffic monitoring and debugging (e.g. a wireshark dialect, tracing HA/load balance events)
    • Mocking -- generate & replay fake a vertica protocol responses so you can do automated test w/o database dependencies

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