Does vertica text index creation needs X Exclusive lock on the source table

rajatpaliwal86rajatpaliwal86 Vertica Customer

I'm trying to create a text index on the flex table. However, it seems like the create index command is taking an X - Exclusive lock on the source table and lot letting insert operations (copy commands) on the source table. Since the table contains ~ 1 billion rows so that the create index statement might take a huge time and affect the bulk load on the table. Is it expected?

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    rajatpaliwal86rajatpaliwal86 Vertica Customer

    I further check the error code - it seems like the lock is SHARED(S) then why it doesn't let the insert queries to happen in parallel?

    Exception java.sql.SQLTransactionRollbackException: [Vertica]VJDBC ERROR: Unavailable: initiator locks for query - Locking failure: Timed out I locking Table:athenav2.f_network_events. S held by [user dbadmin (set up text index)].

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