Change OS vertica user (dbadmin)

songalexsongalex Vertica Employee Employee

Hello experts,
I am looking in the documentation if it's possible to change the OS user from vertica, i installed with a user named dbadmin and group vertica but now we need to switch to a domain account so I want to know if there is a procedure to follow or is not possible without reinstall.
Thank you



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    It's not entirely clear to me what your issue is. The database user/pass is separate from the O/S, even if they are the same user name. If you just type vsql, it will default to the user that you are currently, which might be dbadmin in your case. But, if I logged into Linux as dbadmin, but wanted to sign into vsql as testuser, I could run vsql - U testuser. Now I am in vsql as user "testuser".

    Is that what you're trying to do?

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    songalexsongalex Vertica Employee Employee

    Hi thank you for your answer, I want to change the linux user for vertica, it doesn´t relate at all to the db user, so as i mentioned authentication is going to be at domain level (outside the vertica server) so the vertica OS users must follow a standard and the user that i have for vertica, let say i named "vertica_os_user", the one that is used to start the database and the one that used to run the admintools needs to be changed.
    I look at vertica documentation and couldn't find any information, this user is only mentioned in the installation, so i don´t know if its possible to change it, let say change the owner of all the files and folders to the new user and put the vertica group as its default group and maybe change some files so the new user is the one used to start the services.

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