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avkirilishinavkirilishin Vertica Customer

We use Vertica 9.2.1, and I notice that there are not all ROS containers in storage_containers table. I can see such containers in the file system. Also, I can see them in the catalog snapshots and txnlogs. Is it a bug?

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    chaimachaima Vertica Employee Employee
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    Storage containers lists all the ROS containers, and a ros container can be a group of files (for example we can have a file per column), its sal_storage_id would be derived from one of the files, that's why you don't see all the sal_storage_ids in the table storage_containers.
    In vs_ros you have the list of all the files.


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    Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator

    Please check v_monitor.delete_vectors to see if the files are listed there. If so, you can remove delete vectors by running SELECT PURGE(); or SELECT PURGE_TABLE('<tableName'>);

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    avkirilishinavkirilishin Vertica Customer
    edited August 2020

    No, there are no files:
    select * from v_monitor.delete_vectors where sal_storage_id = '024c798a2f7f249bca07c9c89acd8882015000012911933b'
    select * from v_monitor.storage_containers where sal_storage_id = '024c798a2f7f249bca07c9c89acd8882015000012911933b'

    but exists in the file system:
    $ ls -lh /var/vertica/DWH/v_dwh_node0012_data/371/024c798a2f7f249bca07c9c89acd8882015000012911933b_0.gt
    -rw------- 1 dbadmin dbadmin 1.3G Jan 18 2020 /var/vertica/DWH/v_dwh_node0012_data/371/024c798a2f7f249bca07c9c89acd8882015000012911933b_0.gt

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    avkirilishinavkirilishin Vertica Customer

    Hooray! It's there. But... rosid is null. Perhaps this is the reason for the absence of rows in the storage_containers
    select rosid, salstorageid from vs_ros where salstorageid = '024c798a2f7f249bca07c9c89acd8882015000012911933b';

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