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kfruchtmankfruchtman Vertica Customer

HI !
I am wondering what is the latest version of grafana I can use with Vertica 10.x on an Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS .
At this time I am using quite an old grafana version- 6.7.3 and with the vertica plugin and I was wondering if I can upgrade it.
Google is not giving me specific answers.



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    s_crossmans_crossman Vertica Employee Employee

    I've tested the Vertica Grafana Datasource plugin with Grafana 7.5.4 (latest as of last week) and Vertica 10.1. So you should be good upgrading without any issues. Of note, the plugin is still the old Grafana framework. We are working on updating it to the Grafana 7.0 framework which amongst other things will allow us to sign the plugin. Related to that please note the following if you upgrade Grafana to 7.x.

    If using Grafana 7.0.0, it now requires signed plugins and recommends updating plugins to use the new framework. The Vertica plugin is unsigned and currently doesn't use the new framework, so you will need to add the following configuration parameter to the /etc/grafana/grafana.ini file in the [plugins] section for it to load. Restart the Grafana server after adding this change. allow_loading_unsigned_plugins = vertica-grafana-datasource

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    kfruchtmankfruchtman Vertica Customer

    Many many thanks for this answer.
    Helps me a lot!!

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    kfruchtmankfruchtman Vertica Customer

    Hi Again!
    I have been struggling all day yesterday trying to update the grafana.
    I have 2 questsion:
    1.I see there are 2 versions of the vertica plugin.1.05 and 0.1 . which one did you use?
    2.If you used :1.05 Did you follow all the instructions regarding all the packages needed?
    You should have

    Node 12.x installed.
    Yarn installed.
    Golang installed.
    Mage installed.

    Since I am using docker for grafana I had a hard time installing all of these. especially Golang since it is a file I wasn't sure how to get into my image.

    Attached are the 2 plugins jpeg for you to understand what I am talking about.

    Many Thanks!

    1.JPG 26.1K
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    kfruchtmankfruchtman Vertica Customer

    Issue resolved.
    I just installed the docker and changed the parameter you told me and it works!
    many thanks!

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