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Vertica + grafana 7.5.4

Hi All!
After upgrading my grafana to 7.5.4 and importing my dashboard I have error:
"query must have at least one column with name 'text' field: name grafana"
The issue is happening when trying to create a new dashboard with a new variable also.
Did anyone came across this issue?
many thanks!


  • I do some basic functional and regression tests against a handful of dashboards and haven't seen anything. I am currently set up with Vertica 10.1 and have just tested today with the newest Grafana 7.5.5-1. I see you logged this with Grafana today as well. Is this specifically with the Vertica plugin or do you see this with others? If you send step by step for the new dash creation I may be able to debug it, or at least determine if it's on the plugin side or the Grafana side.

  • I found the problem.I changed the plugin to 0.1 (I believe the older one )
    The problem was that the plugin to use for the vertica grafana is 0.1 and not the 1.0.5 version .
    when I use plugin 1.0.5 called "vertica datasource" and not "vertica" 0.1 the above error is occurring.
    you can try to reproduce ?
    Is there a way to control the connection pools through that datasource ? on the 1.0.5 there is , but on the 0.1 no settings for that.
    Many thanks!

  • s_crossmans_crossman Employee

    We've only distributed version .0.1 in Oct 2019 and 0.2 in Mar 2020 of the plugin. I found the 1.0.5 on the Grafana plugins page and it's from another source. shows author rajsameer. People have pulled the source and spun their own versions, sometimes without doing pull requests to get it into our mainstream code. We have seen his plugin surface before and it's based on the 0.1 of ours and then updated wit the newer Grafana framework. So that problem and the pooled connections seems specific to someone else's variation.

  • Oh...ok, so is there a good version somewhere? and where can I get the 0.2? it is not in the grafana plugin page.

  • s_crossmans_crossman Employee

    Yes, here's the github link to the 0.2.0 version (latest). This version is still the old pre Grafan 7 framework and unsigned. We will be releasing a new version in the next month or two that has been updated to use the Grafana 7 framework and provides ability to sign.

  • Thanks you very much! how will I know when it is released?

  • s_crossmans_crossman Employee

    We'll do a post in the forums as well as update the github. Eventually the latest one will be available on the Grafana site (still working out the details for that).

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