Want to download Managment Console after updating - cant find link to download

Good day! I had updated my vertica cluster to v 9.2.1-24 recenty and find MC very interesting, but after 2 hours spent for searching i cant find a link to download rpm for linux.
Mayber there is some ftp server with additional rpm, like pathes?

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  • s_crossmans_crossman Vertica Employee Employee
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    Not all components are built for each patch release. It looks like the latest MC distribution for the 9.2.1 version codestream is is 9.2.1-21 (vertica-console-9.2.1-21.x86_64.RHEL6.rpm). So look in the patches tree under 9.2 > 9.2.1-21. You should see the console for RHEL, SUSE, and Debian.

    I hope it helps,

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