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JAVA SDK working with complex types in v11

It looks like for UDx, one can use C++ SDK to read and write complex types, but I am not seeing such capability in Java.
Can u please confirm that is the case? If so, what is the plan and ETA for making it available?



  • thanks, is there an example for UDx in Java? Thanks

  • moshegmosheg Administrator

    After you install Vertica check the files under /opt/vertica/sdk/examples
    And /opt/vertica/sdk/examples/JavaUDx

    There are also sql examples which use Java functions:

    See also this blog:

  • Thanks, @mosheg. My question is really JAVA API for Complex type under UDTF setting.
    In c++, one can read complex types through BlockReader, such as, Array::ArrayReader getArrayRef (size_t idx) const
    however, in java, getArrayRef does not exist:

  • moshegmosheg Administrator

    Complex Types for C++ SDK is ready for use, but for Java SDK it's not available yet.
    Complex Types for Python SDK will come sooner.

  • Do you have an ETA on JAVA SDK?

  • moshegmosheg Administrator

    We don't have an ETA for that yet.

  • What is the ETA for python then?

    For JAVA, is there anything a client can do to make the request, so it starts earlier?

  • SruthiASruthiA Employee

    @BHIFP : Sure. Please open a support case and mention share the details of using complex types with JAVA SDK. we can raise a request with Engineering and take it from there.

  • There is no need to wait for Vertica to release support for complex types in Java UDx API.
    Idea is to cast arrays into varbinary and back, and pass to/from Java UDx varbinary instead arrays.
    You can rather easy cast arrays back and forth to varbinary. It is done with type converting c++ UDx scalar function that takes one argument and return one, without value change, just change type array->varbinary.
    Now, you can get array arguments in Java UDx as varbinary, by converting argument with help of c++ function. If you want to output result as array, output as varbinary, convert to array with help of same c++ function.
    Performance of c++ type conversion function would be fine, especially in non-fenced mode. Java UDx is slow enough so you won't see difference with use of c++ type conversion functions and future native support of arrays in Java UDx.
    Type converting arrays - varbinary in c++ are trivial, code can be done in couple hours.

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