fatal authentication failed for username

mosesalfredmosesalfred Vertica Employee
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One of my customer is trying to connect with Vertica Database, using dbeaver installed on personal machine.
He is able to connect with it.
But issue is that when we are using this service account within our application “Collibra DQ” and the application tries to connect to the database – the application throws an error.
"error validating connection:[vertica]vjdbc fatal authentication failed for username"


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    SruthiASruthiA Vertica Employee Administrator

    is he is using right password? Is it working when he tries to login via vsql?

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    s_crossmans_crossman Vertica Employee Employee

    I did a quick test with DBeaver 22.3 and Vertica 12.0 using user Collibra DQ and seemed ok. It's interesting that the application error doesn't have the VJDBC error number or user name. Seems to be obfuscated by the app. I gave mine a wrong password and the error was "[Vertica]VJDBC FATAL: Authentication failed for username "Collibra DQ"" so it filled in the username attempting the connection. If I drop the user so they don't exist I also get the error including the username.

    My only suggestion would be verify connectivity using the service account and vsql. This will verify the account exists and can connect. In dbeaver repeat the test to ensure it fails, and verify all fields are correct. There is an error log window you can open under the Windows menu. See if that window shows you the Vertica JDBC error in full after a failed connection. It may provide hints.

    If your application is a layer away from Vertica maybe try it with the user's login that works to see if it's the user id or the app failing. Maybe the space in the service account name is causing parsing errors.

    I hope it helps,

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    SachinKumarSachinKumar Community Edition User
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    This may be. Incorrect username or password: check that the username and password used in the Collibra DQ application are correct and evaluate the accounts you used to connect to Vertica using dbeaver.

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