Vertica Community Edition Experience in Oracle Virtual Box

manoj_dixitmanoj_dixit Community Edition User

Very much excited to practise using Vertica Community Edition. However, when imported into an Oracle VM environment, I don't feel the UI experience (not of Vertica console) is that great. I mean each time I need to use the host key to move the cursor out of the VM. Also, I am not able to maximise window as per the display / monitor size.
Any ideas how to resolve, please?
Thank you.
Kind regards,


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  • manoj_dixitmanoj_dixit Community Edition User

    Thanks @s_crossman for your reply. The links are helpful. But I need to work little hard to resolve the issue.
    Kind regards,

  • manoj_dixitmanoj_dixit Community Edition User

    After installing Guest Additions (there was an issue first which was solved by installing gcc perl and make) all is good now. Once again thanks @s_crossman .

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