installation problem with vertica VM on windows XP 32-bit OS.

My machine has windows XP 32-bit OS.
  • I have download VM Vsphare 4.0(OVF) and
  • used Oracle’s VirtualBox( VirtualBox-4.3.0-89960-Win.exe) to import the image.
  • Importing image is completed without any issue. but while start getting below error as "your cpu doesn't support long mode.use 32 bit distribution"
does VM Vsphare 4.0(OVF) support on windows XP 32-bit OS.?


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    The issue here is that VirtualBox, like any similar virtualization software, only supports a 64-bit guest OS on a 32-bit host OS in very specific circumstances.

    While it is possible to run a 64-bit Virtual machine on a 32-bit OS, it requires use of processor level virtualization extensions, which are vt-x for intel chips, or amd-v for AMD chips. VMWare makes a small utility that can verify if your particular setup is compatible. Link provided below.


    I suspect that your processor is not compatible based on the above error message. However, you can give this utility a shot and it should confirm this for you.

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