vbr replication during standby unavailable

We use vbr for replicate two similar clusters. There is one standby node per cluster.
When standby node in destination cluster take the place of a failed node (host crashes), replication fails because of rsync daemons checks and others (crashed node becomes standby and unavailable).
This is vbr's fix:

<     @property
<     def participating_hosts(self):
<         node_subset = set(self._config._topology[src_node_name].backup_host for src_node_name in self._selected_nodes)
<         src_nodeset = set([
<             self._database_info.get_host_name(node)
<             for node in self._participating_nodes])
<         return src_nodeset | (set(self._dest_hosts.values()) & node_subset)
<     def __init__(self, config, node_subset=None):

def __init__(self, config):
9047d9038 < self.node_subset = node_subset 9130,9133c9121 < if self.node_subset: < all_backup_host = set(self._config._topology[src_node_name].backup_host for src_node_name in self.node_subset) < else: < all_backup_host = set(loc.backup_host for loc in self._config.all_backup_lock_locations()) ---
    all_backup_host = set(loc.backup_host for loc in self._config.all_backup_lock_locations())
10011c9999 < RsyncDaemonLauncher(config, node_subset=opt_nodes).launch_rsync_daemons() ---

Does another way exist to replicate objects with down standby host?


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